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Create an email newsletter


Message creation is achieved with the help of a simple visual HTML editor with the support and modification of the code, the ability to define the CHARSET definition and use it for insertion into individual custom fields.

Message Layout Editor

Creating a new message without any foundation is very easy with the new messaging editor. Choose your email, add headers, footers, or side columns, choose colors and options, all in just a few clicks.

Nouveau gabarit

Nouveaux modles are also available for FREE and PRO versions.

New templates divided into categories

With SendBlaster 3, you get lots of new templates, and the new template viewer also supports splitting into better organizational categories.

Import from an existing .htm or .eml file

Email messages can be imported from external sources (HTML documents or existing .eml files).

Support for inserting an image

Generate information leaflets with attachments and embedded pictures, avoiding any reading problems in all email messages.

Cut and replace

Pick an image and replace it with another one. SendBlaster 3 automatically resizes and crops it (without stretching) to match the original layout of the message.

Make emails for subscribers

Send personal messages as ("Dear John Smith", instead of "Dear Customer")
Dear # name # -> result -> Dear Paul
Each email that you send brings together personalized features. (look at how to send personal emails)

Programmable tags

SendBlaster Pro 3 includes a powerful scripting engine that handles commands that can now be programmed using either Vbscript (known to Office users) or Javascript (known to developers and site designers). Tags can include computed or conditional output, random variables, attachments - and that's not all.

Check links

No broken links anymore. SendBlaster 3 will automatically compile a list of all the links in your message, including those hidden, and let you review it with one click.

Export HTML with pictures

Now you can export HTML, including INCLUDED images, in a format that is ready to use, allowing you to simply publish a copy of your message on your website.

Insert link to unsubscribe

Insert the opt-out links (give the client a choice) after recommending the CAN-SPAM Act.

One-click logout

Allow recipients to opt out of a one-click subscription by using the easy-to-install PHP script you use on your website.


The CHARSET suite allows you to send messages with respect to different user environment (Cyrillic, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic). This property allows you to send your information leaflets in different world languages.

Email right from both HTML code and plain Text

Email messages are created in HTML and plain text format in case the recipient is prohibited from viewing HTML. Remember: hybrid HTML / TEXT email is the best choice for an email marketing campaign.

Set the demo field of data

By setting up these fields and clicking on 'Preview', you can see how the information leaflet looks like the data.

Add a file attachment to the directory

Each email message can contain file attachments (Zip, Doc, Pdf ...).

Import email addresses from Outlook and Thunderbird

Directly import all your client details into SendBlaster.

Import email addresses from Excel, access, and .CSV registers

Save your existing MS Excel (TM), Access (TM) or Outlook (TM) address list into a .CSV file, and import all of your customer details directly into SendBlaster.
Complete directory import instructions
Import directories from CSV




Manage lists

Simple integration with your own web site

Inserting a mail list on your website becomes extremely easy, logging / unregistering client management features, and the ability to import data from a SendBlaster web resource, manage list updates, and mailing messages delivered by recipients. We offer free CAN SPAM - a clear filter for double checking and PHP scripts in our download section.

Directory Statistics

See detailed information about your directories (total number of contacts, number of registered and active in each directory separately, but also in the whole database).

Sign in / Logout by email or web form

Address: When in the email message the client logs in to the subscription link that you have inserted into the message, the client's e-mail address will be included in the list. If the subject of the message is "Logout", the client address will be automatically removed (if he / she has previously been logged in). The SendBlaster flyer software downloads new emails from POP3 accounts, validates subject and updates related lists.

Logout and undelivered messages for everyone

Logging out and forwarding undelivered messages can now apply to all directories, as you wish, and

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